The Confederated Republic of Guaipa was foundated on August 26 of 2010, has 200 residents.

Seal of Guaipa

His Prime Minister was Daniel Roberts, but after the elections of 5th May 2011 was Jessica Carney of the

Michael Sulluivan CANADIAN PARLIAMENTARIST,is the Prime Minister's great great grand father.

Conservative party but someone killed her in her positioning act just before sje took swear under the parliament. The murderer was sent to Canada, his natal country and the new Prime Minister is Michael Sullivan. The Parliament is composed by 40 members, 20 in the House of Commons and 20 in the Senate. The

Guaipa parliament

conservatives have the majority in the senate but are less in the House, so they are less in all the Parliament.

Has legal relationships with The royal Kingdom of Eesha, El dorado and Agrihan.

The military is composed for 50 people, a lot of people for the territory of Guaipa.

Are nationals of Guaipa ALL THAT BEING BORN ON AUGUST 26 OF 2010, 2110 and no more years at least that the law changes it.

It is part of the UMICOL, the UME, and others

Official language English and French.
National Day(s)

17 Mar. St. Patrick's day

22 Aug. Independence day

19 Oct. President's day.

25 Dec. Christmas.

31 Dec. New Year.

10 Feb. Not king's day.

Territory Claimed N/A
Population 200
Prime Minister Michael Sullivan