The word diaxenospitia is a neologism or recently-coined word.

All inhabited localities or populated places (aka hamlets, villages, towns, cities or megacities), whether dispersed or nucleated, are located within a single, more or less continuous, geographic area.

A diaxenospitia is an inhabited locality or populated place, but it is distributed not across a single geographic area, archipelago, or conurbation, but across several continents. So a diaxenospitia is an extremely dispersed inhabited locality or populated place.

A diaxenospitia can be defined as "a collection of houses or buildings scattered around the world, and treated like a distributed town or city".

Before diaxenospitias, territorial micronations had no logical way to grow and expand their influence except by aping cities and how they developed.

In theory, a diaxenospitia can be of any population size, but most likely it is an extremely scattered village or burgh.

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