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This wiki was started on 2 August 2009 by IndigoGenius, the wiki's only moderator. This is a wiki of Fifth and Sixth World nations, and is available for everybody to edit. Some Fourth World nations may also be listed in this wiki.

A Fourth World nation is a medium- to large-sized nation without a significantly recognised state. Fourth World nations, whether old or new, with many supporters or few, always have or claim a substantial territory. The term Fourth World nation can be used interchangeably with the term self-determination or secessionist group.

A Fifth World nation is a small nation with a strong and established national identity. The Fifth World can be either territorial or virtual, ethnic or nonethic, so it is actually midway in characteristics between the Fourth and Sixth Worlds. A Fifth World nation is a mature micronation. The term Fifth World nation can be used interchangeably with the term social identity or irredentist group.

A Sixth World nation is a small nation, usually based on the Internet. A Sixth World nation is a new or immature micronation. The term Sixth World nation can be used interchangeably with the term micronation, although most nations that call themselves micronations don't actually fall in that category under a strict scientific viewpoint. A micronation must be at least an empirical tribe or community, or it simply isn't a micronation.

To write a new article about a Fifth or Sixth World nation (small nations with limited or no recognition), just enter the requested title in the box below. This wiki currently has 159 articles.



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