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14 Commandments19621997
AinsleyvaniaAnalytic theologyAntarcticland
BrooklynBucksfan UniversityBucksfanian astrology
CanadaCentre for Cesidian LawCesidian Church
Cesidian RootCesidian SalubriologyCesidian calendar
Cesidian lawCesidian law jurisdictionCesidio Tallini
Combined Adriatic nations of candor, edorn and ruulCommonwealth of NationsConarchia
Confederated Republic of GuaipaConlangCyberanthropology
CyberterraCyberterra Mean TimeCyberterra News
DaltonDiaxenospitiaDominion of British West Florida
Duchy of BohemiaE-cashEmoluments clause
Empire of new canadaFederal Republic of SantosFederation of Foxton Eltopia Republics
Fifth WorldFifth World Accreditation AgencyFifth World Chronological Format
Fifth World Chronological StandardFifth World CommunityFifth World Community Forum
Fifth World CouncilFifth World DeclarationFifth World Health Organisation
Fifth World LexiconFifth World WikiFifth World studies
First WorldFourth WorldFree utopian cow kingdom
GNU Free Documentation LicenseGermanyGirlpeace
Global Earth OceansGrand Archduchy of DoggerlandGrand Duchy of Pinsk
Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public DocumentsHoly Empire of ReunionHuman Development Index
Imperium of DeWaCo EstatesIndependent Long IslandIndependent Niue and Independent Tokelau
Independent scholarIndigo raceInterlingua
International lawIrelandItaly
Jamaica SquareJus cerebri electroniciKingdom of Pictland
Kingdom of RedondaKingdom of William RangerKingdom of stupastan
Kingdoms of RedondaKlaiseLUNAR REPUBLIC
LadoniaLeague of Indian Nations of North AmericaLeast Developed Countries
List of Elements of Micronational CultureList of Macronations and MicronationsLive Nations
Long IslandMPR CategoriesMacronation
Meditations by Saint CesidioMicro StateMicronation
Micronational Professional RegistryMicronational contributionsMontevideo Convention
Mount ZionNational socialist republic of polarbearistanNaturopathy
Network scienceNeue Slowenische KunstNew Utopia
New York CityNew York StateParadiplomatic Affairs
PortugalPrincely State of PudukkottaiPrincipal Oligarchy of Osterpomerania
Principality of OrientPrincipality of the PontinhaPrint Monopoly
Progressive degreePromolandsRené Descartes
Republic Of HoogwaardRepublic of New UnicornlandRepublic of Rose Island
Republic of Texas (group)Royal Kingdom of EeshaRoyal Monarchy of Udenkampfenvoggenjoggenjodelenstruden
Saint René Descartes UniversitySalubriology SchoolSchalamzaar Empire
SealandSeasteadingSecond World
SecundomiaSeventh WorldSixth World
Soviet Republic of North AmericaSpainSwatch Internet Time
TAHITITTF-BucksfanTallinian Linguistic Classification System
TalossaTalossan languageThe Tallini Family
Third WorldTribalisationUnited Kingdom
United Micronations Multi-Oceanic ArchipelagoUnited NationsUnited States
United States Minor Outlying IslandsWebindigenousWikipedia

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