On 4 October 2010 the Micronational Professional Registry (MPR) introduced MPR Categories. MPR Categories are categories that are part of a classification system, whose purpose is to organise essential information about individuals. MPR Categories are now known as Paradiplomatic Affairs (PDA) Categories.

MPR Categories

MPR Categories convey instant information about an individual's age, race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, relationship status, residential status, religion, political affiliation, professional/clerical details, language, education, citizenship/nationality, and life membership(s) in a way that is comprehensive, succinct, non-discriminatory, and visually appealing. An example of an MPR Categories application can be viewed here.

Below are all MPR Categories and subcategories, and through this system you can tell everybody about yourself:


A number (in years) between 14 and 122


y – Yellow (Far East, Southeast Asia, or the Indian subcontinent)
bk – Black (Black racial groups of Africa)
w – White (Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa)
bn – Brown (Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander)
r – Red (Original peoples of North and South America)
i – Indigo (Transracial or Other)


m – male
f – female

Sexual Orientation

e – heterosexual
o – homosexual
b – bisexual
a – asexual

Gender Identity

c – Cisgender
t – Transgender

Relationship Status

sg – Single
rl – Relationship
en – Engaged
mr – Married
p – Poly
wd – Widowed
sp – Separated
d – Divorced

Residential Status

ss – Solo Single
rm – Roommate
uc – Unmarried Couple
cf – Childless Family
nf – Nuclear Family
pf – Poly Family
ef – Extended Family
spf – Single Parent Family
br – Blood Relative


asa – Asatru
ath – Atheist
bah – Baha’i
bud – Buddhist
ces – Cesidian
cc – Chopra Center
cr – Chinese Religionist
chr – Christian (Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox)
cs – Christian Science
con – Confucianism
eck – Eckankar
fg – Falun Gong
gn – Gnostic
hk – Hare Krishna
hin – Hinduist
mus – Muslim
jai – Jainism
jw – Jehovah’s Witness
jew – Jewish
lds – Latter-day Saint
nag – New Age
nth – New Thought
sci – Scientologist
7da – Seventh-day Adventist
shi – Shinto
sik – Sikh
tao – Taoism
uch – Unification Church
uu – Unitarian Universalist
wic – Wiccan
zor – Zoroastrian

Political Affiliation

Only political affiliations with significant and universal appeal should be listed in this category. The MPR only recognises the following parties in this category:

nlp - National Liberal Party


abp – Archbishop
acad – Academic
adm – Admiral
admin – Administrator
agri – Farmer/Agriculturalist
am – Ambassador
anon – Anonymous
approx – Approximately
aprn – Advanced Practice Registered Nurse
arch – Architect
assn – Association
aut – Author
ba – Bachelor of Arts
bap – Baptised
bba – Bachelor of Business Administration
bibliog – Bibliographer
bio – Biography
biog – Biographer
biol – Biologist
biz – Business
bldg – Building
blvd – Boulevard
bot – Botanist
bp – Bishop
brig – Brigadier
bro – Brother
bs – Bachelor of Science
bsw – Bachelor of Social Work
bur – Bureau
ca – Chartered Accountant
cap – Capital
capt – Captain
cels – Celsius (centigrade)
cert – Certificate/Certification
ch – Child/Chancellor
chap – Chaplain
chem – Chemist
chm – Chairman
cit – Citizen
civ – Civilian/Civil
clk – Clerk
cmt – Cyberterra mean time
cnm – Certified Nurse-Midwife
co – Company
col – Colonel
comdr – Commander
comp – Compiler
comr – Commissioner
cond – Conductor
corp – Corporation
counsel – Counsellor
cpa – Certified Public Accountant
cpl – Corporal
cr – Copyright
cv – curriculum vitae
d – Daughter
da – Doctor of Arts
dd – Diplomate's Degree
dec – Deceased
ded – Doctor of Education
deg – Degree
dep – Deputy
dept – Department
dial – Dialect
dip – Diploma
dipl – Diplomat/Diplomatic
dir – Director
dist – District
div – Division
dns – Domain Name System
do – Doctor of Osteopathy (PCP)
doc – Document
dr – Doctor
dsc – Doctor of Science
e – East
eccl – Ecclesiastical
ed – Editor
edd – Doctor of Education
edu – Educator
emt – Emergency Medical Technician
emt-b – EMT-Basic (same as EMT)
emt-d – EMT-Defibrillation
emt-i – EMT-Intermediate
emt-cc – EMT-Critical Care
emt-p – EMT-Paramedic
eng – Engineer
entm – Enterprise Mark
entn – Enterprise Name
entp – Enterprise (MPR) Patent
entr – Entrepreneur
env – Environmentalist
esq – Lawyer
est – Established
et alet alii
f – Female
fa – Father
fax – Facsimile
fhr – Fahrenheit
fr – Father (clergy)
ged – Graduate Equivalency Diploma
gen – General
geog – Geographer
geol – Geologist
gmt – Greenwich mean time
gnp – Gross national product
go – Government organisation
gov – Governor
govt – Government
grad – Graduate
her – Heraldist
hist – Historian
hon – Honourable
hsed – High School Equivalency Diploma
id – Identification
igo – Intergovernmental organisation
illus – Illustrator
inc – Incorporation
ind – Independent
inst – Institute
int – International
intl – International
jd – Doctor of Jurisprudence
kg – Kilogram
km – Kilometre
lang – Language
lat – Latitude
lib – Librarian
lic – Licence
llb – Bachelor of Laws
lld – Doctor of Laws
llm – Master of Laws
long – Longitude
lpn – Licensed Practical Nurse
lsw – Licensed Social Worker
lt – Lieutenant
ltd – Limited
m – Male
ma – Master of Arts
mach – Machinist
maj – Major
mat – Master of Arts in Teaching
math – Mathematician
mba – Master of Business Administration
md – Doctor of Medicine (PCP)
me – Mechanical Engineer
mech – Mechanic
med – Master of Education
mfa – Master of Fine Arts
mfr – Manufacturer
mgr – Manager
mm – Medicine Man
mnat – Micronational
mnatl – Micronational
mo – Mother
mr – Mister
mrs – Mistress
ms – Master of Science
msgr – Monsignor
msw – Master of Social Work
mus – Musician
n – North
narr – Narrator
nat – National
natl – National
nav – Navigator
ngo – Non-government organisation
nofcl – Non-Official
np – Nurse Practitioner (IND PCP in 18 states and DC)
ofcl – Official
ord – Ordinary
pat – Patent
pbr – Priest
pcp – Primary Care Provider
pd – Professional's Degree
perf – Performer
phd – Doctor of Philosophy
phil – Philosopher
phys – Physician
pm – Print Monopoly
pop – Population
pp – Passport
pr – Pastor
prof – Professor
prov - Provost
pseud – Pseudonym
pub – Publisher
r – Rabbi
ref – Referee
reg – Regent
rep – Representative
rev – Reverend
rn – Registered Nurse
s – Son/South
sc – Science
sch – Scholar
sci – Scientist
sculp – Sculptor
sd – Scholar's Degree
sec – Secretary
serv – Servant
sgt – Sergeant
sis – Sister
sol – Solicitor
sr – Sister (clergy)
st – Saint
supt – Superintendent
surg – Surgeon
svc - Service
tchr – Teacher
tel – Telephone
theol – Theologian
tl – Traditional Leader
tr – Translator
treas – Treasurer
uninc – Unincorporated
univ – University
utc – Universal Time Coordinated
vet – Veterinary
w – West
wld - World
wm – Webmaster
writ – Writer

Native or Strong Language

ISO 639-1 and ISO 639-3 codes


Educational Level

1 - Primary school diploma
2 - Secondary school diploma
3 - Associate's or Foundation degree
4 - Bachelor's or Diplomate's degree
5 - Master's or Professional's degree
6 - Doctorate's or Scholar's degree

Valid with ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 and ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 codes, or MPR codes:

gv – United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago
ns – non-secular


ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 and ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 codes, or MPR codes:

2sc – Kingdom of the Two Sicilies
5wc – Fifth World Community
ant – Antarticland
atla – Empire of Atlantium
boho – Duchy of Bohemia
bu – Free Burma
christ – Freetown Christiania
ct – City of Cyberterra
cw – Commonwealth of Nations
dewa – Imperium of DeWaCo Estates
df – Dominion of British West Florida
kb – Republic of Kabinda
lad – Ladonia
linna – League of Indian Nations of North America
malta – OSJ Malta
nsk – NSK State
oca – Oasis Open City
pd – Padania
pic – Kingdom of Pictland
pnu – Principality of New Utopia
po – Principality of Orient
pp – Principality of Pontinha
red – Kingdom of Redonda
reu – Holy Empire of Reunion
sea – Principality of Sealand
sos – State of Sabotage
stc – St. Charlie
ta – The Talossas
ttf – The Tallini Family
tx – Texas
gv – United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago
vall – Principality of Valldemosa
vl – Kingdom of Vikesland
vt – Vermont
wa – Western Armenia
wl – Wirtland
wq - Winnecomaq (or Winnecomac)
wsa – World Service Authority

Life Memberships

Only life memberships with significant privileges/benefits should be listed in this category. The MPR only recognises the following organisations in this category:

caa – California Alumni Association
psaa – Penn State Alumni Association
cclp – Chamber of Computer Logistics People (CCLP) Worldwide

Criticisms and responses

While some micronationalists have expressed misgivings about MPR Categories, the HMRD Cesidio Tallini has responded to their concerns by stating that people don't have to use MPR Categories if they don't want to. Moreover, "As a micronationalist . . . I am just as open about that to the world as a gay person who has come out of the closet, and MPR Categories are for self-expression and self-expression purposes alone (they would fall under US First Amendment rights issues, and/or under Cesidian law issues). In Cesidian law, you have both a right to Privacy, and a right to Freedom of Ideas or Expression; in this case, you can choose to use either. I, and Cesidian law, respect both types of choices."

Concerning the criticism that many micronations have been left out of the classification, Tallini has responded, "I'll be very honest: I actually don't have friendly relations, even informal, with most of the [nations] above, so the only criteria I've used to add them to the list is the most objective I could think of, i.e. whether they can use (or deserve) a top-level domain (TLD), and if I can answer that affirmatively, then their codes deserve to be added to the list, along with the sovereign states of the world." Tallini also stated that, "the micronations added to the state/nation list, besides the ISO states already included in most listings are, in a sense, supermicronations, not just regular micronations, either by importance or by population."

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